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About it

ShibaInu is a virtual reality (VR) Katana simulator. With enhanced physics and cutting mechanics you will be able to put your swordsman skills to the test with one of the most famous and deadliest weapons in history. This game mainly focuses on proper Katana handling, physics interactions and cutting mechanics, where speed, acceleration, rotation rate, weight, travel distance, and edge orientation are taken into account to achieve the most realistic experience.

You will be able to improve your skills in the Japanese art of Tameshigiri which was known as the practice for testing the quality of Japanese swords, but now as a martial art which tests the skill of the wielder. Precise and controlled cuts are performed on Tatamis (traditional Japanese floor mat) rolled into a cylindrical shape.

You will be able to play in 2 different game modes:

  • Zen mode: Create custom tatami layouts and targets for practice or just simply for a relaxing and satisfying cutting session.
  • Waves mode: A fixed number of tatamis and targets will spawn in waves, with different cut patterns. Hit the targets as fast as possible to earn points before you run out of time.



  • Katana customization: 5 blades, 5 handles and 5 sheaths.
  • 5 maps with stunning graphics.
  • 10 different waves challenges for each map.
  • Infinite possibilities in zen mode.
  • Online local and global leaderboard.