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Shibainu – VR Katana Simulator

ShibaInu is a virtual reality (VR) Katana simulator. With enhanced physics and cutting mechanics you will be able to put your swordsman skills to the test with one of the most famous and deadliest weapons in history. This game mainly focuses on proper Katana handling, physics interactions and cutting mechanics, where speed, acceleration, rotation rate, weight, travel distance, and edge orientation are taken into account to achieve the most realistic experience.

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We are

Small indie team based on Chile with our main focus on bringing new and exciting experiences using VR an AR technologies for players around the globe.

Hernan “Volrath” Olave is Hound Games Director,  Shibainu Game Designer and Programmer. Loves pizza, Star Wars and Rurouni Kenshin. Not good in Photoshop.

Matias Varas is Hound Games producer and PR. Old fashioned hipster maybe boomer who still buys MS-DOS games. Potential dad joke teller.

Felipe “Kachu” Molina is Shibainu programmer. Loves Starcraft and blender, terrible at both.

Paolo Olivari is Shibainu Lead 3D artist. He plays drums, love Silent Hill, cosmic horror and The Office. Good in Blender and Photoshop. Git Gud.